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Ruperts Under 5`s

Ruperts Under 5`s

Your Child

During your child's time at Rupert's we endeavour to make this as an enjoyable and rewarding experience as possible. To help promote this we invite you to a fun session prior to your child's start date so you and your child can meet the staff and get a general feel for the pre-school and also complete a Learning Journey with information from you regarding your child. We have a settling in policy to help your child settle in if needed.

Your child will be allocated their own key-worker who is responsible for their well-being and progression whilst at Rupert's.  

It is advisable to send your child to pre-school in something that is comfortable and that you don't mind them getting mucky. We do supply aprons but it is better to be safe than sorry! 

Can we also ask that your child wears sensible footwear i.e. no high heels, wellies, crocs or flipflops. 

On hot days can you please apply sun cream before pre-school and ensure that they have a sun hat. We do have hats if your child requires one. If you wish us to put sun cream on your child please can you sign the permission form (at the desk) and bring in a labelled named sun cream for their personal use. 

Your child should be toilet trained during the day although we do realise that accidents can happen. Children are free to use the toilets as and when they need to. It does help if they have on clothes that are easy to undo and fasten up (dungarees can be a little tricky, so please avoid these if you can). 

We do provide the children with a drink, fruit and a healthy snack midway through each session. Please do not give your child any food such as sweets, chocolates or crisps to bring to pre-school. 

We work closely with outside agencies to provide one to one carers for children whom have some learning or social difficulties. If you feel that you would like to discuss your child's special needs please feel free to talk to your child's key-worker or our special educational needs coordinator Sarah McCabe. 

All children need to know what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. They need a consistent approach from adults, which is sympathetic but firm. We therefore feel it is important that any unacceptable behaviour is discussed between parents and key workers.When dealing with any behavioural issues we take the age, understanding and development of the child into account.   

We aim to enhance your child's learning experiences by going for walks and visiting places of interest in the local community i.e. library, fire station, bird hide etc. We prefer a ratio of one adult to two children when taking the children off the premises, therefore parent help is greatly appreciated on these occasions. 

Each child will be allocated their own key-worker who is responsible for their well-being and progression during their time at Rupert's. They also aid the smooth transition into the pre-school environment. The key-worker will also maintain a good relationship with parents, working with them to ensure their child is supported in reaching their full potential. 

We have our own policies and procedures which are in line with Government and OFSTED guidelines. These are updated yearly and are available on request. Parents are provided with a copy of our Safeguarding and Lost Child policies with your new child pack. To ensure that we are achieving the Governments required standard for these subjects, we are inspected by an OFSTED inspector. We were last inspected in May 2009 and received a good report. 

If your child is taken ill or complains of feeling unwell, we will always contact you straight away, and if necessary call the appropriate emergency services i.e. ambulance or Doctor. 

Minor accidents are recorded in the accident book, which you will be asked to sign in the event of an accident.
Below are a list of the more common ailments and the minimum time that you are required to keep them at home. 

Sickness or diarrhoea 48 hours from last bout
Chicken pox Until spots are completely dry
Head lice Until treatment is received
Conjunctivitis Until treatment is receive
Impetigo Until sores have healed
German measles 4 days from onset of rash
Measles 7 days from onset of rash
Mumps Until swelling has subsided

We have a parent rota (up in the hall foyer) where you can add your name if you wish to join us on a session. Please see a member of staff for more information.

The pre-school program is designed around the foundation stage of education as set by the Department of Education and Employment. This is important as early experiences affect the children's attitude to learning, all the children at pre-school are encouraged to work towards these goals. 

The four themes of the Early Years Foundation Stage are:

  • A Unique Child
  • Positive Relationships
  • Enabling Environments
  • Learning and Development 

These four themes express important Principles underpinning effective practice in the care, development and learning of young children. Each Principle is supported by four Commitments which describe how the Principle can be put into practise. 

The four Principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage are:

  • Every child is a competent learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.
  • Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person.
  • The environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children's development and learning. 
  • Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of Learning and Development are equally important and inter-connected. 

At Rupert's we endeavour to focus on your child's individual needs, interests and achievements. We do this by regularly observing your child and their responses in different situations. As a setting we use the Characteristics of Effective Learning which are: Playing and exploring, Active learning, Creating and thinking critically.

Each child has their own progress record, which contains examples of work, photos, termly reports and evidence of their progression through the Early Years Principles. This helps us to monitor your child's achievements or their need for further support if necessary. 

You may request to see this record at any time.

Ruperts Under 5`s
Ruperts Under 5`s
Ruperts Under 5`s